Erasing Scars with Laser Treatment

Scars may not be a serious problem yet it may affect how you may feel and think of yourself. It may be the cause of your emotional pain. Surgical removal treatments aim to erase the unsightly scars from your face such as in acne or even those caused by surgeries.

Often, these treatments are painful, costly and risky. However, laser technology gave way to a treatment that is less invasive and less risky. Fractional laser deliver a rapid and reliable scar removal with minimal downtime, and less pain.

Fractional Laser

This technology is an amazing discovery in scar removal. It uses pulses of light to allow the scar tissue to coagulate and give way to a healthier tissue. The healing time needed is very minimal plus there is a lesser risk of infection. Little or even no pain can be felt with laser treatment.

How It Works

Acne may leave your face with the unsightly scars. Also, surgical procedures and trauma may leave your skin with marks that you think are permanent. Laser can allow the removal of these scars by using fractional laser and create micro-columns of tissues that have coagulated. It primarily triggers the healing process giving way to a newer layer of skin tissue. Laser can greatly reduce the appearance to your skin.


There are many benefits to the use of laser in scar removal. They may help you in arriving at a decision on what step to take in order to eliminate the scar that bothers you for quite a while right now.

Down Time

You may be worried about the down time or the period of recovery. Some treatments may leave you with dryness and peeling. However, in laser treatment, there is minimal down time. You can go back to your work after two days of treatment.

Pain and Discomfort 

Another benefit of laser treatment is that it causes minimal discomfort. You may be afraid of the pain that comes with the procedure. You are rest assured that undergoing fractional laser treatment will only cause minimal or even no pain at all. Anesthesia is not needed for this mode of treatment.


Surgical removal of scars may pose certain risks such as bleeding and infection. Laser treatment is less invasive and does not require an incision to the skin. No antibiotics are necessary for this scar removal technique. Also, surgical incisions may leave you with pain due to the severed nerves of your skin.

Duration of Treatment

Laser treatment may require you to have succeeding sessions with your dermatologist. However, the changes that you may notice in every session may be very significant that you may believe it is a technique which is worth your money.

Excellent outcomes are what this approach promises. Scar removal is definitely not an easy feat. Using your scar removal creams and other treatments may take a longer period of time. However, laser technology gives you a better chance in eliminating the ugly scars. Discuss this approach in scar removal with a skin expert.


The Scar Removal Treatments You Must Know

There are several scar removal techniques which you can benefit from. The unsightly scars may be stopping you from literally being comfortable in your own skin. Though there is a wide array of treatment options for this skin issue there is nothing that can totally eliminate scars. Here are examples of these scar removable approaches:

Chemical Peels

You may have heard about the use of alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic and lactic acids. These chemicals can help get rid of the scars through exfoliation. Those marks left by acne can make you look like a cottage cheese or an orange peel. Through chemical peels, you can bring back the smoother and more vibrant skin.


Filler injections can reduce the appearance of scars. They are injected to fill your skin, however, there are certain risks involved with this. Collagen injections are one of the treatments under this type of approach. Allergic reactions may occur and a careful assessment is necessary prior undergoing such treatment.


This is one of the popular treatments for scars especially in treating the marks you are left with by skin blemishes such as acne. With the use of special equipment, the skin may be abraded to give way to a new layer of cells. This does not require the use of local anesthesia.

Laser Treatment

This procedure can smoothen out your skin. It uses laser light and allows the redistribution of collagen and even out crater-like scars. After several sessions of laser treatment, you may notice a significant change on your skin. Ablative lasers intentionally destroy the epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin. This will give way to a new layer of cells to surface.

Topical Creams

Ointments and creams can treat scarring through moist healing. They hydrate the skin and moisturize it which lightens the appearance of scars over time. This method however may take a longer time.


This is the treatment of choice for hypertrophic scarring or keloids. However, this type of approach may cause certain side effects that can last for a longer time. Radiotherapy prevents the recurrence of these type of scars.

Steroid injections

These injectable for the scar tissue may flatten keloids scars and reduce their appearance. Steroids can cause untoward effects to the body. However, in this treatment they may be minimal since the agent is directly injected to the scar and does not reach the bloodstream.


Surgeries for scar removal are sometimes referred to as scar remodeling. It is a more invasive procedure that may require the use of antibiotics to prevent infection. This is done by incising the scar tissue and suturing the surgical wound. In cases of larger scars, skin grafts may be necessary by flapping your skin back for the stitches.

There are various treatments to choose from in eliminating scars. Scar removal became a popular cosmetic procedure or treatment that helps you regain your confidence. Scars may not be serious medical problems yet they may affect how you see yourself or your self-image.