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The Foundation for the Law of Time is established for the promulgation of knowledge concerning the Law of Time. To achieve its goal the Foundation operates as two divisions: 1) Operations and Distribution; and 2) Research and Development. Central to the Foundation’s Research and Development programs is the Cosmic History Project. To understand the nature of this project, one must understand the function of the Foundation and the discovery of the Law of Time within the context of the biosphere-noosphere transition and the cosmic continuum.

The discovery of the Law of Time is an evolutionary function of the planetary transition from the biosphere to the noosphere. Its discovery demonstrates that the biospheric crisis bringing on the noosphere is a function of the deviation of the dominant species from natural time. The purpose of the Law of Time is not only to demonstrate the error but to provide the necessary intelligence to establish the noosphere through the regulation of the human mind in the corrective unifying timing template of the 13-Moon 28-day calendar.

The biosphere-noosphere transition actually represents a stage in an evolutionary continuum, all stages of which are elucidated by the Law of Time in their entirety as Cosmic History. This continuum includes the following stages:

1. Biosphere. Ever mutating, the 3.5 billion year-old unity of life and its support systems, the region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic energies, the biosphere is currently in the process of its latest mutational transformation - the very cause of the discovery of the Law of Time. The biosphere includes the cosmic context of stars, galaxy and universe, upon whose cosmic radiations and influences it thrives and maintains its existence.

2. Technosphere. The technosphere, representing the human reshaping of the biosphere, becomes an increasingly disruptive force due to human maladaptation to an irregular and mechanistic timing frequency. This artificial and accelerating timing frequency results in an exponential explosion of population, propagation and multiplication of machine, and increase of machine velocity, all of which dramatically point to the ending of a cycle and an inevitable transformation.

3. Cybersphere. The cybersphere represents the necessary intelligence, feedback and action system to modify the technosphere and establish the noosphere. As the information loop of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the key intelligence of the cybersphere is the Law of Time; the feedback is the biospheric disruption due to the programming of the artificial timing frequency; and the action is the pragmatic and noospherically normative application of the 13-Moon 28-day calendar

4. Ethnosphere (planetary human). The ethnosphere represents the human biomass resulting from the cultural uprooting necessitated by the technosphere and the establishment of a more or less uniform global culture wedded by common electronic means of communication. The planetary human is the name given to ethnospheric humanity as a result of viewing Earth from space, 1969, which perception hence endowed the ethnosphere with the capacity of becoming a self-reflective, conscious planetary organism - prerequisite for the noosphere.

5. Noosphere. The noosphere is the self-reflective planetary intelligence of the ethnosphere established in a normative, unifying time template resulting in the correct symbiosis of the planetary human and cosmic nature. As an actual mental field, the noosphere is that condition of universal telepathy resulting from synchronization in the correct timing frequency, which, as it increases, brings about a transcendence and/or transformation of technology as it is known today.

6. Teleosphere. The teleosphere is the sphere of the purpose and goals of human and cosmic evolution. The highest purpose is defined by beauty as both an aesthetic and ethical motivation of human noospheric intelligence. The teleosphere is furthered by conscious knowledge of the Law of Time, formulated as T(E) = Art, and by the concomitant establishment of a corresponding social organism known as the Planet Art Network, (PAN). The end result is to fashion the whole Earth through the activated noosphere into a planetary art spore

7. Cosmosphere. “The progress of humanity lies in those developments, both active and contemplative, which assist life in realizing its destiny in the cosmosphere, or realm of universal history.” (John Allen and Mark Nelson, Space Biospheres, p. 52). As the application of the self-reflective consequences of paying attention to our attention, and of surveying the panorama of cosmic reality through the self-absorptive lens of the Law of Time as a teleological and cosmic yardstick, cosmic history is the comprehensive description of the cosmosphere as the cumulatively culminating realm of evolving intelligence.

Such is the context for the Cosmic History Chronicles, the product of the central project of the research and Development Division of the Foundation for the Law of Time. The Chronicles will consist of seven volumes, one each to be produced between the years 2004-2011. Because the Law of Time represents a phenomenologically integrative science, in this project the investigators form the core part of an experiment. The experiment is to humanly recapitulate the cosmic continuum. Cosmic history is not dead but living knowledge.

Clearly such a project represents and requires an enormous degree of concentration, expansive space for thematic development and thought, and highly attuned intelligences to accomplish the task. In fact, the advent of Cosmic History represents the fruition of a bi-part radical enzyme that has been fashioned by evolution for precisely this moment in time to account for and simultaneously consciously traverse the entire sequence - biosphere, technosphere, cybersphere, ethnosphere, noosphere, teleosphere, and cosmosphere. The facilitating instrument of intelligence allowing this process to occur has been the all-unifying and all synthesizing Law of Time.

The convergence of the knowledge of the seven spheres is due to the precisely calibrated point in time known as the closing of the cycle, winter solstice, 2012. It is this factor that has caused the shaping of the “bi-part radical enzyme” to accomplish the mission of bringing forth the Cosmic History Chronicles in such a way as to synthesize the biosphere-cosmosphere continuum and to create a template for the reformulation of the human mind.

Downloading the Cosmic History Chronicles is actually an evolutionary event that describes in its process the mutational transition from one cycle to the next, the very crux of the dynamic by which cosmic history evolves itself. The bi-part enzyme is to be scientifically crafted to represent a homologue of this transition from old cycle to new cycle, and the principle of binary alternation - male to female - in which the male plays the summarizing role of the old cycle and the female the synthesizing role of the new cycle. To accomplish their task the two creative agents function as the pivotal nodes of a closed system experiment in which heightened individual autonomy enhances the quality of conscious relationship.


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