Treating Rosacea the Natural Way

Rosacea is a common skin disease yet is poorly understood. Also, it is often mistaken to be acne because of the identical manifestations. However, rosacea is a different disease that may cause even more serious complications. The symptoms may start with flushing or persistent redness to your face which can reach down your neck and chest.

What are the natural remedies for this skin condition?

Chrysanthellum Indicum

Some creams contain this substance which is proven to treat rosacea. The compounds found in this extract are believed to strengthen your blood vessels. This can effectively improve your symptoms. This works well in eliminating the redness or flushing to your face, chest and neck. The recommended usage of this remedy is two times daily.

Green Tea

There are many health benefits to green tea because it is known to contain many antioxidants. A cream that contains this extract shows to reduce the symptoms that come with rosacea. They work well in getting rid of the visible capillaries, red bumps and even pustules. Use this twice a day.

You may notice the changes after 4 weeks of using the green tea-containing cream. Many studies were made on the effectiveness of this extract in managing rosacea symptoms.

Niacinamide Cream

This cream is a preparation of vitamin B3. It is topically used in treating rosacea by improving skin moisture, barrier and in reducing inflammation. Niacinamide cream can be used as a moisturizer for your face. On the other hand, oral preparations of the said substance are also being studied for its effectiveness in rosacea treatment.


The topical preparation of licorice herb is an accepted treatment for rosacea. It can control the flushing or redness to your skin. You may notice an improvement on your skin’s appearance after 4 to 8 weeks of using licorice.


You may be fascinated to know that digestive enzymes can help treat rosacea. You may be wondering how. If you have this skin disease you may experience digestive symptoms as well. Medical experts may recommend the use of lipase that can aid in digesting fats. You may notice that your gastrointestinal symptom and rosacea manifestations may improve over time.
Vitamin B Complexes

Riboflavin deficiency which is due to an altered absorption of the said nutrient in your digestive tract is linked with the skin disease rosacea. Studies show that when you have a low level of riboflavin, you are more likely to be infected with mites that may leave you with clogged pores.

This will allow bacterial growth and may cause rosacea bumps or cysts. Taking supplements with the B vitamins will prevent the said disease.

There is a long list of natural remedies in treating this disastrous skin condition. You may be complaining that you will be dealing with rosacea for the rest of your life yet you are blessed to know that there are many rosacea treatment options for this condition.

Read more about these natural remedies. Discuss with your doctor what of these herbs and natural formulas may help you deal with the unsightly bumps, redness, inflammation, visible capillaries that come with rosacea.