How To Manage Your Toenail Fungus

You started to notice that your toenail has been discolored, began to chip off, thickened and obviously look ugly. All this can bring into conclusion that you’re suffering from a fungal infection.

At the first sight of toenail change, you need to manage it right away to prevent your nail from totally be removed due to infection and avoid spread to other nails. There are several things you can do to make the infection go away. To take necessary measures will prevent them from coming back.

Management For Toenail Fungus

  • The first treatment you can get for fungal infection is an anti-fungal. Medications are only and should be only prescribed be your doctor. The doctor shall check your toenail and you can be given oral or topical antifungal depending on its severity. Mild to moderate infection can be treated with topical creams, ointments or lacquers. For moderate to severe infection involving other nails, oral is preferred.
  • For faster improvement in the nail, it’s best to keep it short, clean and dry as possible. Stop wearing nail polish until the infection is gone.
  • Always wash the affected nail with soap and water. Wipe it dry and use open shoes to avoid moisture from building up on the area.
  • Anti-fungal powders are available to keep feet dry if ever you need to wear socks and closed shoes. Powder also prevent fungi from becoming many.
  • One of the home remedies you can do is to soak the affected foot with vinegar for 15-20 minutes at home thrice a day. Several studies have found out the effectiveness of vinegar in killing fungi.
  • Use newly washed cotton socks. Socks made of cotton absorb moisture so your feet and toes will not get moist due to sweat.
  • When your affected toe becomes itchy, refrain from scratching it. The spores of the fungi can get into your nails upon scratching and infect it or transfer the fungi to other nails.
  • Strengthen your immune system by taking adequate vitamins, eating healthy and nutritious food and drinking enough water. With stronger resistance, you can prevent infection from affecting you.
  • Some people have the habit to pick out hang nails or excessive skin. If you’re one of them, try to avoid this because you can cause an opening or injury to your nails which give access for fungi to come in. If you’re bothered by the skin or nail, use appropriate nail kit to trim it.
  • Toss away the socks you have worn during your fungal infection days. Those socks may still have fungi and can affect your healthy nails now. If you don’t want to throw them, clean them thoroughly with warm water and detergent.

When you maintain the cleanliness and dryness of your feet, you can totally stop the infection process and get your affected nail treated. Follow these tip to manage toenail infection and you can regain your healthy toenail fast. Treat the infection with antifungal and practice ways to get rid of fungi to solve the problem.