Let us Introduce You to the Great Calendar Change of 2004

Welcome to the Thirteen Moon Calendar! This is the year of the Great Calendar Change.
The Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar is about to change history.

What is the Thirteen Moon Calendar? This Calendar is life itself. It is the harmony and freshness of the self-renewing nature of universal life. The secret of its self-renewing power is its perfect harmony. Once the chord is struck it keeps ringing.

This calendar is rooted in ancient Mayan prophecy and knowledge about time. In this prophecy, the end of the Cycle is approaching. That is winter solstice, 2012. That is not very far away. This prophecy says that if humanity can return to living in the Universal Rhythms and Cycles of Nature, that it will be a good ending. But if not ...

The Universal Rhythms and Cycles of Nature were thoroughly known by the ancient Maya. This knowledge is what is known as the “Mayan Calendar.”

According to the prophecy of the Mayan Calendar, modern humanity is locked into an irregular timing frequency held in place by an irregular calendar, creating an irregular world where it is very difficult to be in phase with the Universal Rhythms and Cycles of Nature. If the prophecy is to be fulfilled for everyone’s good, then, the calendar must be changed. The irregular calendar must be replaced by a Calendar of perfect harmony, the calendar of life - The Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar.

To change the calendar is to change to the time in which we are living. This is the Great Change of the Ages anticipated by many peoples and many prophecies.

In the prophecy of 2012, everyone has a chance to participate in the Great Change. Simply by following the Thirteen Moon Calendar we can begin to make this change on a personal basis. Then, when many of us make this change all at once, we are making a major shift in human consciousness. We are creating a mind shift.

The 13-Moon, 28-day calendar is the key they left for present day humans to remember their galactic inheritance and change the course of history before the closing of the Mayan Great Cycle in 2012!

Calendar Change, July 26, 2004, Blue Crystal Storm. Our one great opportunity to enter the interdimensional portal of time leading to 2012.

If we can arouse a critical mass to make this Change, then the Mayan miracle of time will have been realized. An awakened humanity will write an enlightened conclusion to the cycle of history - making it the gateway to a new spiritual evolutionary future.

Learning swiftly
May you evolve with grace and ease
into the magnificent galactic being you have always been!

From the One
Return to the One
In the New Time
Always Now

What Can I Do?

To change the calendar is a major event. But many hands make light work!
And every single blade of grass standing firm and strong makes a beautiful carpeted lawn!

You might ask:
“What can I do to help in this great project?”

First of all, just to make the shift to following the new time calendar of Thirteen Moons is an act of self-empowerment. Congratulations! you have taken back your time!

The little Thirteen Moon Calendar booklet that forms an essential part of this Starter Kit is chock full of information. Take the time to study it. First, find out where you are in time. Go to the right side of p. 2. According to the current Gregorian Calendar date, locate the Moon in which that date occurs. Then find that Moon between pages 25-37. The Gregorian calendar date occurs on the bottom of each of the 28 days of the Moon. Once you’ve located the date, just follow it every day, familiarizing yourself with the new geography of time. As you do so, then you can continue to study the material in the first 24 pages of the booklet. But study is best done with others.

That is why the next thing you will want to do is form a PAN Node. Planet Art Network (PAN) is the name of the autonomous groups now in more that 80 countries worldwide. Each PAN node consists of at least seven members who follow the calendar and meet on the Crystal day every Wavespell - a thirteen day cycle (pp. 9-10). On p. 7, you will find the thirteen galactic tones. Find the Crystal Tone - two bars and two dots. Then, in the calendar section you will find that every day is coded by a solar seal with one of the thirteen galactic tones. It’s easy then to find the Crystal Tone -every thirteen days. At the round table, as the meetings of the PAN node are called, you may discuss study questions and begin to make plans for the Great Calendar Change. When you’ve formed your node. Let us know about it so we can keep you informed.

The high point of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Year is the Day Out of Time. One of the chief activities of your PAN Node is to plan for the annual Day Out of Time. This day, the 365th of the Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar year (13 x 28 = 364) is no day of the Moon or week at all. Also known as the International Peace through Culture Festival, it always occurs on Gregorian July 25, the Day Out of Time is for the purpose of celebrating the philosophy, time is art. The Day Out of Time 2004 will be biggest and most important ever because it will be the beginning of the Great Calendar Change. Countless PAN Nodes worldwide will be making preparations to make this the greatest synchronized event in history!

To print calendars and create publicity that will make the Great Calendar Change an event everybody notices and talks about requires financial resources. If you are benefiting from your Thirteen Moon Calendar and the PAN, then you will want this information to spread to as many people around the world as possible. To help in this process you can donate to the Foundation for the Law of Time a 501(c)(3) non profit organization devoted exclusively to promoting the Thirteen Moon Calendar and public education about the Law of Time. As you know, every dollar helps! Send your contribution to:

Foundation for the Law of Time
PO Box 156, Ashland OR, 97520

or make an online donation here.

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