Proclamation of the Foundation for the Law of Time

For any structure to last, it needs a foundation. This is especially true if we are building a new order of reality, an order intended to fully replace the old order.  Such is the Foundation for the Law of Time. Upon this Foundation will be built a new mental house to further the cause of human spiritual evolution for millennia to come.

The time in which a people live is a mental house held together by the instruments of timekeeping which shape that people’s belief system.  The present mental house is fashioned from an irregular twelve-month calendar and the mechanical clock.  Built on dubious and obscure foundations, these timing devices program the current world order for dogmatic irrationality and a mechanistic acceleration of all of its activities.  This mental house no longer serves the purposes of human and terrestrial evolution.

Recognizing the hopelessness of the world situation of the old order, the Law of Time establishes an entirely new vision of time, of ourselves and of our universe.  Like the law of gravity which did not invent gravity but merely verified its existence as a principle of nature, so is it with the Law of Time.  And just as the world of materialistic science built on the law of gravity so the New World of Spiritual Equality that is now dawning will build upon the Law of Time.

The Foundation for the Law of Time exists exclusively for the study and promotion of the Law of Time.  Formulated as T(E)=Art (energy factored by time equals art), the Law of Time accounts for inner harmony, beauty in nature, telepathy and synchronicity, and, hence, has vast implications for an all-encompassing reformulation of every aspect of human thought and endeavor.  To promote research, educational programs and the creation of study materials of every kind about the Law of Time for every level and category of human learning is one of the Foundation’s principle activities.

By defining time as the universal factor of synchronization, the Law of Time recognizes a higher purpose for the use of calendars.  The Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar is the principle instrument of the Law of Time for synchronizing humanity and establishing the foundation of the new mental house.  The Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar is a perfection of harmony.  Its effect upon the human mind and social organization can only be of immeasurable benefit to the future generations.  It is the Foundation’s principle charitable function to produce and freely disseminate worldwide the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar for all people everywhere.

To make the Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar the universal world standard by 2012 - the end of the cycle of history - requires a comprehensive and far-reaching vision.  This vision is known as the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan.  The initiation of this Peace Plan is called the Great Calendar Change of 2004.  The purpose of the Great Calendar Change is to announce to the world the goals and plans of the world community already living in the New Time.  The intention of this new world community - the Planet Art Network - is to replace the time of war with a time of peace.  To promote and support every detail of this vast and far-reaching plan for peace and social reorganization is at the very heart of the Foundation’s activities worldwide.

You Can Help Build the Foundation for the Law of Time

Vast resources are needed to realize the Foundation’s urgent and ambitious programs.  You will want to help build the Foundation for the Law of Time and contribute - Now! You can donate online or by check or money order.  Or you can let us know what service you could offer the Foundation.  The Foundation needs friends and volunteers: to contact the media about its goals; to enlist the support of other spiritual, environmental or peace organizations; or to inform educators concerning the importance of introducing the Law of Time and the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar into their respective educational systems.

Whatever you can give and whatever you can do, you are contributing to the cause of human evolution.  The Law of Time makes conscious what was unconscious.  The Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar will assist humanity in going from a world view where time is money to one where time is art.

Now is the time - don’t you agree?

The Foundation for the Law of Time was established in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) corporation to be operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes for the study and promotion of the Law of Time (T(E)= Art, energy factored by time equals art), based on the Thirteen-moon/28-day calendar and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan.

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